Shillong June 28, 2013  The Chief Inspector of Boilers and Factories today carried out an occupational health and safety awareness program today. It was held at the RNB Cement Plant at Barapani Industrial Area, Umiam, in Ri Bhoi district at 12 noon.

This one-of-its-kind event in Meghalaya was organised by RNB Cements in collaboration with Chief Inspector of Boilers and Factories. The Umiam industrial area,for the first time, experienced such an initiative.

The programme was well attended and appreciated by one and all. Mr B Chyne, Senior Inspector, alongwith Mr PL Nongbet (Inspector) graced the occasion.Mr Gaurav Bajaj,Joint Managing Director, RNB Cements, Mr RS Sharma, President, and Mr RD Sing, Vice President, attended this function. This unique event was well organized by Ms Diamond Kharbithai.

In this function an inter-factory and inter-department competition was also held, yet another first-of-its-kind at Meghalaya.

The first such competition was a Safety Slogan Contest, where the first prize went to Deepak Kumar Shah from RNB Cements. The second prize went to MDH Beverages and the third was won by Maulindra Pandya of RNB Cements.

The next was a competition on Safety Speeches. Once again Deepak Kumar Shah stole the show by winning the first prize. The second went to Sovan Santra and the third prize was won by Arup Sarkar.

The competition and the awards ceremony ended in grand style with a musical performance by the Electrical and Instrumentation Department of RNB Cements.The talented musicians held the audience spellbound throughout their performance.The perfomers were given passes to the Hoobastank concert as a gesture for their performance.The event signed off with a vote of thanks by Mr RD Sing, Vice President, RNB Cements.

Mr B. Chyne, Senior Inspector was all for such programmes, “I appreciate the initiative taken by RNB Cements. They organized a programme that was educative, motivating,as well as entertaining. We hope they and other companies organize such programmes at regular intervals,” he said.

Mr RS Sharma, President RNB Cements said, “We at RNB Cements must congratulate Mr B Chyne, Senior Inspector and Mr PL Nongbet (Inspector), who readily agreed to attend this programme. It is an inspiration for all of us, managers and workers alike to follow their advice and learn from their experiences.”

RNB Cements is the RNB Group’s cement wing. They are about to bring in the newest and the finest cement of the North East. It will be a cement sourced from the best of materials, and be made at the most modern, integrated processes, at North East India’s ultimate postmodern factory.

The RNB Group believes in serving the society. Which is why it is involved in a number of social initiatives like distributing blankets in the villages during winter, constructing water tanks, free distribution of lime during village cleaning drives, setting up schools in villages and so on.


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